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Back from Tampa

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This past Wednesday through late last night Cay and I were visiting with my family who live down in the Sunshine State.

Cay had the D70 and she went nuts with it. She's already published a set of 133 pics even after I had to rebuild iPhoto's Library which cost her over 2 hours. Can't wait to make the move to Aperture. It started shipping on Saturday. Has anyone found a torrent yet? Hunt?

Click the pic above for the jump to the set. That's my sister Michele and me in Ybor City on Friday night. I shot two rolls of 120 that will be processed this week.

Our 2nd visit to The Rookery

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Cay celebrated her 36th birthday today and she wanted to visit the California sea lion rookery that lies on the southeastern side of Santa Barbara Island.

We went out there with Ted Henwood, William Brown, and William's friend Scott. We met the Encore in Long Beach on Saturday night at around 9pm and had dinner at Gladstones. The boat left at 1am and we arrived just after 6am this morning.

It was a gentle ride out and the conditions were gorgeous above water (sunny and calm) but below water there was a lack of good visibility due to some long range ground swells and subsequent surge. Last year's dive (Cay and Nate's pics are here) offered better visibility but for some reason this trip felt better. Great boat and met some cool peeps.

I shot an old Reefmaster point and shoot film camera (BW neg and Fuji slide results to come) and Cay shot with our new Canon S70. She'll have her pics out on Flickr by the middle of this coming week.

Our first dive was near Sutil Island at a place called Old Abalone Cove. It was a bit hairy at first but it was a good dive overall to about 45 feet where we were joined by the first of many playful sea lions. The boat made its way to the rookery and it was spectacular over there. There were hundreds of sea lions in the kelp beds and we got to interact very closely with these wonderful, intelligent pinnipeds.

Cay had enough after her second dive so I was able to use the S70's movie mode to shoot in 800 x 600 AVI. I'm very happy with the results and I've posted a Quicktime movie of the rookery at some space on It's compressed down to 5.97MB @ 270 x 170. I wish I could post the full 800 x 600 but the size of the file would be prohibitive.

I am very interested in compressing the full quality video using Media Cleaner Pro or something similar so if anyone out there has any tips (hint, hint, Scott Hunter) let me know.

I am conflicted

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Still into Sony bashing right now but I just saw the new ad for their Bravia and the ad is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. 55.58MB Quicktime Movie. The long load time is well worth the wait.

Humans can do some wonderful things.

There's a group of pics on Flickr shot by sem during its production.

More Sony CD stuff

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I ranted earlier about Sony using copy-protection technology that infects your PC with a rootkit on their new music CDs.

Looks like they are backing off which is a huge victory for the EFF.

Here's a list of infected CD's.

New toy

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Adam, originally uploaded by nig3l.

So I bought a water housing and a Canon S70. Tried it out for the first time today.

I need rain-x. Took over 25 pics and many were ruined by big globs of water spots.

Thanks to Mark and Adam Davison who were my first test subjects.

I think Mark took the photo above.

My sweet run is over

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For the past three and a half years I have been working as a camera assistant on a CBS multi-camera sitcom called Still Standing. I found out this past weekend that we were being cancelled after we shoot our 19th episode of season four. Our last show will be shot on January 31st, 2006.

What a huge bummer. It was the best job I've ever had thanks to the people and the way the show was run. We hardly ever ran past six pm on Mondays and on Tuesdays we were usually out before eight. For a sitcom, those hours are incredible.

I knew the show would end someday but I thought we had another year since we picked up a fourth. Normally if a network orders a fourth season, a fifth is likely since that brings you into network syndication at 100 episodes. Apparently there is a new, pre-arranged deal with the production companies (Fox and Paramount) and Lifetime the cable channel which is buying a package of 88. Nothing is in writing yet so there's even a possibility that I may be done as of this week. We've already shot 80 so who knows they may pull the plug.

Our ratings just took a huge dive when the timeslot was moved to Wednesday nights. I am very fortunate to be on Two and a Half Men and Cay is doing well as a high school teacher. I'll be losing almost half my income come February and that sucks but I'll use the free time to work on writing projects and the new small business. Time for me to get down to the bare bones of what I really want to be doing.

Random links

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Stuff I'm into today that you might enjoy as well:

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