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I hurt my back on Friday at work and I was laid out on the couch all day Saturday when Cay came home and told me that Peter Falk and Wim Wenders will be at an Aero screening of Wings of Desire at 7:30.

Bad back or no, we had to go since this is one of our all time faves. We bought tix early and had a drink at Wilshire, the new place that the La Vecchia Cucina owner opened up a few weeks back. Saw Steve's dad Ben and his mother Carol there and it was really nice. (Too nice - very pricey dinner fare.)

Had a fine dinner at Casa Escobar and made it back to the screening in plenty of time. It was a decent print. Beautiful photography and I choked up a couple times in that first hour. The second half kind of falters but it still holds up overall.

Peter Falk's Q & A afterwards was pretty wonderful. Wim Wenders was a no show. Scott Foundas from the LA Weekly moderated and Cay got to ask Falk what he thought of the film when he first saw it and what does he think of it now? He said he didn't really believe in all that angel stuff and he was surprised it affected so many people across a broad range of religious beliefs. Thanks for dragging me off my ass, Cay. And thanks to Lino for the tip.

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