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I've been scanning more black and white negatives and color slides that I shot in Japan. I discovered a pile of 5 slide rolls that I haven't even seen yet. Scanned two of them but I am waiting to do some PS CS2 work on them.

Oh and today is the day Cay and I celebrate as our anniversary. Sixteen years ago today Cay kissed me at a party and we've been together ever since. We haven't made set plans but we're probably going out to dinner tonight somewhere local. I'm hoping to convince Cay to go to Shabu Shabu on 4th and Santa Monica Blvd. Always fun.

The Apple Geek in me cries tears of joy

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at the sight of this Flickr set from EpicEmpire.com.

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Things have really been looking up for Apple. I hope that they will be around for a very long time to come.

Cay and Nigel Way Back When

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Cay and Nigel Way Back When, originally uploaded by nig3l.

Came across this today. Been meaning to throw it up onto the web for yucks.

Flock blogging tool test

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So Flock has a drag and drop blogging interface that i'm trying out here.


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The Next Big Thing for Browsing

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Oh man this is great stuff. Way ahead of the curve. See de.icio.us first. My del.icio.us page is here.

2 new blogs in the world

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I'm happy to share a couple blogs from two close friends:

Galileo's Dream

Moon-Jove-Beehive 02Sept4-2


The Ever Dawning

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Right on and groovy. They've been added to my sidebar. One of these days I'll have a horizontal nav bar. I noticed for the first time that Explorer renders my sidebar down to the bottom of this index page. A fix is in the works.

Why are you people using Explorer anyway? Get in the fast lane with Firefox for Feck's sake. I have a stat counter which tells me that a majority of you are still using Explorer. Boo.


For the record I am devoted to Firefox 1.5 Beta 2. Even you Safari users should make the switch. I dig that there a three freaks on Opera. You go!

Apple debuts Aperture

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What perfect timing. I just spent the last two days d/ling CS2 and now I'll have to jump right into another piece of software. Can't wait to see it in action on my desktop.

Doesn't ship for 6 - 8 weeks.

Cool list of 100 novels by Time Magazine

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One of my favorite movies

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I hurt my back on Friday at work and I was laid out on the couch all day Saturday when Cay came home and told me that Peter Falk and Wim Wenders will be at an Aero screening of Wings of Desire at 7:30.

Bad back or no, we had to go since this is one of our all time faves. We bought tix early and had a drink at Wilshire, the new place that the La Vecchia Cucina owner opened up a few weeks back. Saw Steve's dad Ben and his mother Carol there and it was really nice. (Too nice - very pricey dinner fare.)

Had a fine dinner at Casa Escobar and made it back to the screening in plenty of time. It was a decent print. Beautiful photography and I choked up a couple times in that first hour. The second half kind of falters but it still holds up overall.

Peter Falk's Q & A afterwards was pretty wonderful. Wim Wenders was a no show. Scott Foundas from the LA Weekly moderated and Cay got to ask Falk what he thought of the film when he first saw it and what does he think of it now? He said he didn't really believe in all that angel stuff and he was surprised it affected so many people across a broad range of religious beliefs. Thanks for dragging me off my ass, Cay. And thanks to Lino for the tip.

Time for a confession

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Four years ago this month I had my 1986 Toyota Van (AKA The Fun Van) stolen while I was on Sawtelle Boulevard in West Los Angeles.

Cay was on retreat with her Brentwood kids. I finished work late on a Thursday night at Fox in Century City. It was the fall of my fifth season on Dharma & Greg. I drove Pico east to Sawtelle, headed north, and parked the van at a meter about five spots south of Olympic on the east side of the street. I had dinner at the Baja Fresh and then walked across the street to play Counterstrike at an internet gaming center called Cyber 210.

Had a long session and came out after midnight. I walked back across Olympic and WTF where is my van? The van was gone! Along with my Stewart 9'3" longboard that Greg Beier gave to me as a gift. I knew I parked it there. Positive. I found a payphone and called the police. Reported my car stolen. Called a cab. I think I drove Cay's car to work the next day.

Two weeks later on a Monday I bought a 1996 Subaru Legacy wagon.

The next day I got a call from the LAPD and they said that they recovered the van.

I went to the impound yard and saw my van. It was dirty from the dust kicked up in the yard and there was no surfboard on the roof. I looked inside where I had a bunch of camera assistant gear (bags, tools, etc. that was worth some decent kale) and they were untouched.

I drove the Fun Van home with Cay following behind me. We were both elated. Now I was the owner of two cars and so very happy to have my van back.

Several days later I drove past the address where the police report said the van was found. It was three and a half blocks west of Sawtelle on Mississippi Avenue near Colby. [Map is here]

Uh oh. That's weird. Maybe I did move my van after dinner and park it there. I sometimes parked on this street when gaming at Cyber 210. I just don't remember getting in my car after Baja Fresh to move it farther away from Sawtelle. Meters weren't running. Why the hell would I move it?

To this day I sometimes tell myself that the van was stolen, taken for a joy ride, and left on the road a few blocks away from where it was stolen.

I'm just fooling myself.

I completely forgot that I moved the van. A few of my friends [click here for a great archived phone message from Scott] suggested that this was the case but I refused to believe I could be that stupid. I was that stupid. Happily I can report that I haven't done anything that stupid since then. Maybe I have and I just don't remember it.

This is just the beginning of my story. Ever since seeing My Name Is Earl, I've been thinking about the Karma thing. This confession is a way for me to begin to pay back the 60 people who sent me ten bucks for a new surfboard thanks to a solicitation letter sent out by Cay. I have a list and I'll be trying to set things right.


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Ross had a birthday throwdown in Mt. Washington last night. There's a new set of pics up on my Flickr site.

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