Post Katrina

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I haven't had it in me to do any blogging since the hurricane devastated the Gulf Coast.

More and more it seems like this country is divided along class lines. There are those that have enough to live comfortably and then there are those living in the 9th Ward of New Orleans. I hope the disaster affects change in our economic policies so that the poor and underclassed are given a fair chance at fulfilling their American Dream. With the Bush Administration and the Republican majority in Congress, I fear that there will be little change in our tax code that is so out of step with what's needed for our society to work more equitably.

There are a millions of us who are angry and confused by what's happened in the last two weeks. I got an email from a friend urging me to call for the impeachment of Bush. I would like nothing more but his ouster wouldn't change the fact that we need radical change to make this country better for everyone.

It's harder and harder for me to enjoy all the things in my life that so many will never be able to afford. A car. A computer. Leisure time. A house. Freedom. Giving money to the Red Cross is a temporary salve for me but deep down I know I need to do more in order for things to change. Every day while out in Los Angeles I see the urban poor. Normally I have to pretend that they are not there just so that I can go on living my privileged life but since Katrina I can't look away.

I've been staying clear of politics on this blog and in my life ever since the reelection of George W. Bush. I know that there are readers of this blog who voted for the guy in 2004 and I know I have my fair share of friends who will always agree with the posts I throw up here. Thanks in advance for staying with me.

The activist fire in me has been re-stoked and so I want to share with you some links that can't be ignored:

Keith Olberman on MSNBC - Quicktime movie from Crooks and Liars
Blame Game - Quicktime movie from Salon
Eye of the Political Storm - Newsweek poll shows Bush @ 38% approval

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