Los Angeles Triathlon 2005

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This morning I got up at 5:30 in order to stage my bike in the transition area at the beach near Venice Boulevard. After setting up my station, I hung out for almost two hours watching the pro, elite, and and amateur olympic distance athletes take off in 12 waves. I only had my speedos on and it was pretty chilly but by the time my sprint wave left at 8:35 I was warmed up and ready to go.

The .4 mile swim went fast and I only got kicked in the face about a half dozen times which isn't so bad considering how packed the field was. My transition to the bike was okay and I was off pedaling east on Venice Boulevard by 9:00 or so.

The 20 mile ride to downtown was beautiful. 72 degrees and partly sunny the whole way. Variable winds that messed with me a few times. The course took us east on Venice to Fairfax. Up Fairfax to Wilshire. Wilshire to Highland. Highland to Hollywood. Hollywood to Sunset. Sunset to Beaudry above downtown. Beaudry to First Street. Past the Disney Concert Hall with a right onto Grand Avenue which was my favorite part of the race. It's a super steep hill that dropped us fast onto 11th Street where we made the transition to the run.

The 5K run was back up Grand which I'd been dreading ever since I saw the course. Once I made the turnaround at First, it was all downhill to the Staples Center where I finished at 1:57. 11th place out of 41 in my group.

I had a blast. It was a well organized, wonderful event. People were cheering us the whole way and all the athletes were kind and respectful of each other. Next year I want to do the Olympic distances- a 1 mile swim, a 25 mile bike ride, and a 10K run.

Cay picked me up on a corner west of downtown and we came back home to Santa Monica where we had a great brunch at La Vecchia, our weekly Sunday hangout.

Came home and watched Agassi lose to Federer. Had a nap and watched 60 Minutes. Now just getting ready for bed. It's gonna be the best sleep in a long while.

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