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On Saturday, July 16, I managed to wipe my boot drive clean on the G5. It was a Complete Disaster. I was trying to backup my first drive to the second internal and I started having problems after duping it.

Somehow Disk Utility on the Tiger Install DVD mixed up the two drives when I commanded it to erase the second one. Poof. Gone. All my apps, all the digital pics, all my settings. Luckily I had the music collection on an external firewire La Cie and Cay's D70 pics from Japan were still on the camera cards.

The past two weeks have been hell and now I finally feel like I'm almost back to normal.

One of the casualties of the Disaster is the ole kaleidoscopic lemming site. Since there was no backup outside my home folder, my old blogging software wouldn't publish to the old url. Bummer. I'll try to archive that blog which was published from November, 2003 until now. The redirect page will be there for awhile until I can figure some things out. Google's cache may be holding the old blog at this link.

I'm using new blogging software (ecto 2.3.7) with Movable Type 3.11. One of these days I'll upgrade MT to 3.17 or 3.2 Beta. I'm hoping to add a horizontal navigation bar and maybe three fluid columns. With work starting again this week I don't know when I'll be able to fit that in but I'll give it my best.

Thanks for visiting. Your comments and suggestions for the new site are most welcome.

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