The last roll of Yashica color pics from Japan

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I finally got around to scanning the last roll of slide film this afternoon and the results can be found in a new set called Shibuya.June.2005 on my Flickr site. Click above for the Jump.

Had a great first show on Two and a Half Men last night. All went smoothly and our director Gary Halvorson got us done by ten o'clock which is really nice. I had a long wrap and I hung with some of the crew until around midnight.

This morning I woke up early for my first training run with the LA Leggers. I plan on running the LA Marathon on March 19, 2006. An email from my buddy William Brown convinced me that it's something I want to experience. (Published here without permission - Top Willy won't mind.)

After the run I worked on the basement until around one o'clock and since then I've just been scanning like a madman. Tonight we are going to take it easy even though we had plans with friends to go east. I hyper-extended my right ankle so I should rest up for this coming full week of work.

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