My first day back to work

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Well, I've had three months off so I shouldn't complain. <snicker snicker ha ha> Still it is a shock to the system to have to get back into the weekly rhythm. Driving to the Valley four days a week will be a bummer but two of those days I'm hoping to commute with my friend Dan.

Today I helped load in a camera package onto Stage 20 of the CBS Radford lot in Studio City where I'm starting the fourth season of Still Standing, a CBS show that has kept me in good work for many years. This coming Thursday and Friday will be the first episode of Two and a Half Men's third season. We'll shoot three episodes of each show and then have a hiatus week toward the end of August.

I wrote about the Complete Disaster two posts ago and I just wanted to share with you here the lesson I learned: Always have a backup. Most people recommend backing up to an external firewire drive that is larger than your hard drive. Remember to keep your hard drives at least 20% empty. That goes for Macs and PCs.

For good backup software for the Mac check out Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! <via MacUpdate.>

You PCers out there running XP might wanna look into's page on backup software.

Oh and Jason Hadley over at Woodpussy and my contact with Robochrist (who have a show this Friday night) has turned me on to The Kingdom of Loathing which might interest you gamers out there. It's a free open beta comical RPG that has to be seen to be believed. I can't wait to find a Meatloaf Helmet. Jason is frumble and I'm Niggle.

The last thing I'll share is a cool mp3 I ripped from Demonoid. It's Fila Brazilia doing a remix of "Soul Sauce" from the Verve Remixed 2 compilation. It's 5.88MB and the bit rate is 192kbps. Enjoy!

I'm off to see Back to the Future on the Santa Monica pier if Cay gets home from her mom's in time. Hurry!

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