Hump Day

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Woke up this morning and headed over to the Motion Picture Westside Medical Center on Sawtelle where I saw a GP about getting referrals to my allergist and my dermatologist.

As many of you know, I suffer from atopic dermatitis and normally it's under control thanks to allergy shots that I give myself and some topical medication. Well I did a bad thing recently and I let my allergy medication get to room temperature overnight and you're never supposed to let it get un-refrigerated.

I went on using it anyway like an idiot and this past weekend after the algae swim my face swelled up and the next morning I could hardly see out of my puffy eyes. I don't think the algae got me going, I think it was all the swimming and drunken exertion that tipped the balance along with the bad serum.

My skin hasn't been this bad in years. I don't get to see my allergist until next week so until then I'm just gonna keep on bein' the sufferin' bastard that I am. Ah well. Things could be worse, I'm sure.

Got some links to share:

Yahoo! News Photo that Cay turned me onto.
Flickr: Explore!
Bad to the Last Drop ... Great NYT article on bottled water
Apple's new mouse ... H3llz y3ah.
Arstechnica's review of the new mouse.

Finally I'm sharing a song that Cay likes: Frou Frou's "Let It Go" 4.88MB @ 160kbps.

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